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Fire-extinguishing system

Fire-extinguishing system: The extinguishing agent container of the fire suppression system consists of a steel bottle, a valve head with release unit and the distribution nozzle.

Milliseconds can make a difference.

Each extinguishing agent container is provided with a rapid blow-off valve, which in case of need is opened particularly quickly. The very high outlet cross-section guarantees the container being discharged in less than 100 milliseconds. A nozzle at the lower end of the valve ensures an even distribution. The extinguishing agent is completely harmless to humans.

Immediate availability.

To always guarantee full operational capability, each container of the fire suppression system is provided with a pressure switch, which automatically reports a loss of pressure within the bottle to the control unit. The containers of the fire suppression system are fixed installed in the crew compartment. In this case, special steel bottles serve as containers for the extinguishing agent.