Kidde Deugra - A Hamilton Sundstrand Company

Control Unit

Control unit with fire suppression system. The following are easy to inspect and accessible on the front plate: Display, test switch, error display, selector switch and connection to the test unit.

Well combined. Combination control unit, which controls both the fire-extinguishing system and the fire suppression system.  

Distribution centre of the system.

The control unit is the brain of the system: It evaluates the signals of the detectors and activates the fire fighting system extremely quickly.

In addition to the control of detectors, the connected extinguishing agent containers also are monitored continuously. Furthermore, the control unit offers and option for connecting to an external test control unit. It enables the testing of the entire system in seconds. The operational capability as well as errors are displayed via an LED in clear text or by means of indicator lamps. It enables the operator to be updated at a glance.