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Extinguishing system

Nitrogen extinguishing agent container
DeuGen N extinguishing agent container

The extinguishing agent containers of the fire-extinguishing system preferably are installed in the crew compartment. Steel containers are used as containers for the extinguishing agent, which meet the relevant MIL standard and the EC pressure device guideline. Each container is provided with a valve, which opens particularly fast in case of need. The high output cross-section guarantees a very high flow rate.

The advantage of the containers: The fire can be safely extinguished, even with a high air mass flow of the engine. Other than usual, here the connection to the pipeline system is at the valve, which guides and distributes the extinguishing agent into the room to be protected.

Depending on application, KIDDE-DEUGRA uses various gaseous extinguishing agents (quenching gas), dry powders, aerosols or aquas agents.