Kidde Deugra - A Hamilton Sundstrand Company

Fire protection in armoured vehicles

To provide optimal safety and control, KIDDE-DEUGRA applied solutions to fire protection at two different points in the vehicle: In the engine room and in the crew's quarter. While the engine room is provided with a fire-extinguishing system, a fire suppression system serves to protect the crew's quarter.

The following table shows the following field of application and function:

Twice as good, twice as safe.

A combined solution of both systems offers optimised protection for man and machine:

  • Greater chances of survival/opportunities for crew and vehicle
  • Additional protection against attack with Molotov cocktails
  • Protection of vehicle during transportation and storage

In this case, the KIDDE DEUGRA Principle naturally applies as well.

State-of-the-art safety not only means detecting a fire during operation and extinguishing it automatically as soon as possible, but also guaranteeing optimum protection when the vehicle is parked. For this reason, the fire protection system must always be operational also to protect against fire due to malfunctions and outside influences. KIDDE-DEUGRA guarantees this protection.