Great safety does not require a large system.

It consists of the same elements as conventional fire suppression systems.
The advantage of the Stand Alone System is quite obvious:
Its compact design. Since apart from the electricity supply (a connection to the vehicle battery) no wiring is required, the subsequent installation is unproblematic and cost-efficient.

The Stand-Alone-System:

Here all components of  he fire suppression system are integrated in one structual unit.
Control unit, detector, fire extinguisher including the valve and the distribution nozzle are corresponding to the components of a conventional fire suppression system. 

Important: The housing of the IR detector includesthe controls for one or two fire extinguisher. System status is shown continuously via a 2-color LED.
Size of the fire extinguisher is adjusted to the available space respectively to the crew compartment volume to be protected.
Standard sizes for fire extinguishers are ranging from 1,8 to 6,0 l volume.

Additionally Kidde has developed a 360° Stand-Alone-Unit, which can monitor and activate two fire extinguisher – an ideal supplementing for armored cabines.