Control Unit

Distribution centre of the system.

In principle the control unit is the brain of system: it monitors the signals of the detectors and activates the fire extinguishers extremely fast.

Additionally it supervises the detectors and fire extinguisher continuously.

On top of that there is an interface on the control unit for an external test equipments which allows the check of the complete system in seconds.
Availibility and faults are shown on an integrated or seperate LED display via signal lights or in plain text - this means the crew is up to date at a glance


On the front plate of the fire suppression system control unit for Leopard 2 the display, the test & status switch as well as the connection for the test equipment are installed – easily accessible and visible

Combined Display Panel- for the Engine and Crew Compartment

Das BUHLA4-Steuergerät ist gut kombiniert, das sowohl die Feuerlöschanlage als auch die Brandunterdrückungsanlage steuert. 

BUHLA 4 control unit as the combined control unit for all areas of the vehicle monitoring all different components as there area
- DTF sensors
- linear sensors
- smoke detectors
- infrared detetcors
- manual release switches
- fire extinguisher