Control unit

The control unit is the electronic black box with an integrated self-monitoring device for the complete fire fighting system being fixed installed in the vehicle.
All sensor signals are monitored and the fire extinguishing system is activated if needed.
In addition, the fire extinguishing system can be activated manually by the manual switch on the control unit/display panel. 

    The fully digital control unit of the electronic DTF point detection system offers the following features:

    • each DTF point sensor can be adjusted with its individual alarm temperature
    • incoming alarm signals will be stored automatically
    • the system offers an interface to the vehicles information system,
      CAN Bus Protokoll SAE J1939, CAN Open
    • system diagnostic/system check via an laptop
    • BUHLA 4 control unit as the combined control unit for all areas of the vehicle monitoring all different components as there area
      - DTF sensors
      - linear sensors
      - smoke detectors
      - infrared detetcors
      - manual release switches
      - fire extinguisher