Extinguishing system

The advantage of the extinguishing system: even at a certain driving speed the fire can be extinguished. That means that the crwe can leave the vehicle in a safe area.

The extinguishing system consists of the extinguisher, the pipework and the nozzles.

Fire Extinguisher

Of the external fire fighting system are installed outside the vehicle – preferably.
Steel containers are used which are in line with the European pressure equipment directive.
Each fire extinguisher is equipped with a valve, which can be opened very fast.

Depending on the application KIDDE-DEUGRA is using a liquid fire extinguishing agent, which is able the fight the fire and to avoid reignition. 

Fire Extinguishing Tube System

is a fixed mounted pipe work system in the underfloor and/or roof area and is connecting the fire extinguisher(s) and the nozzles

The Nozzles

are installed to distribute the agent in a very fine spray to guarantee a proper cover of all surfaces.

The protection cap ensures that the nozzle is not polluted and blocked, as long as it is not needed.