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All components of the fire suppression systems are integrated in a single component. The control unit, detector, extinguishing agent container, valve head and distributor nozzle are in keeping with a conventional fire suppression system..

All in one. Safety included.

Great safety does not require a large system. It consists of the same elements as conventional fire suppression systems. The advantage of the Stand Alone System is quite obvious: Its compact design. Since apart from the electricity supply (a connection to the vehicle battery) no wiring is required, the subsequent installation is unproblematic and cost-efficient.

Important: The IR detector additionally contains the control electronics for the extinguishing agent container similar to the above-described fire suppression system. The system status is displayed continuously via two-coloured LED.

The size of the container can be adjusted to the available space and requirements. Standard designs of containers range from 1.8 to 6.0 l volumes.